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The almost invisible thread enables a skilled operator to make the furry creature seem alive

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Perfect for little pockets, these cardboard binoculars magnify by 2.5x. They fold down flat (protecting the lenses) when not in use, and are then simply popped-up when needed.

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Become the Jokester of your workplace with this trick shock knife. Watch as you make someones day that little bit more electrifying

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Assorted metal shapes which can be arranged in gravity-defying contortions

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Now you can add a tattoo to any Ducti.

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This heavy duty chain and spring clip is perfect for chaining up any Ducti.

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Latest innovation Gadget , used to help find WIFI connections and also useful in detecting wireless CCTV cameras

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It's small it's hip, it holds just the right amount of cash and your ID is just a flip away, it's the "Barhopper" by DUCTI. You can clip it to your belt loop, key chain or put it in your pocket.

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Smooth and slim, it glides effortlessly from your pocket. No rucks, no bulges, you will never know its there. A silvery slice of industrial chic. Our best seller!

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Famous Tri-Fold Wallet. Holds eleven credit cards along with pictures and a stash of cash.

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The new Chaparral comes with a silver chain and a new expandable cloth liner! It looks great with jeans or that fabulous little black dress.