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All different coloured bouncy balls

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FIVE pack of Ye Olde Fortune Telling Fish rememeber these from the old days . Place the little red fish on your hand and whichever way it Curls tells your fortune ... Surprisingly good Funand its a LIE Detector too !

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The almost invisible thread enables a skilled operator to make the furry creature seem alive

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Perfect for little pockets, these cardboard binoculars magnify by 2.5x. They fold down flat (protecting the lenses) when not in use, and are then simply popped-up when needed.

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Become the Jokester of your workplace with this trick shock knife. Watch as you make someones day that little bit more electrifying

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New York style mini cab

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Grow and display your own crystals using the base rock and chemicals provided

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Mini black taxi

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Falling asleep during driving is one of the UK's Biggest Cause of accidents! We've all driven at some point in our lives feeling very tired and sleepy! - Now you can avoid such dangerous situations with the aid of our "Anti-Nap Alarm"

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Latest innovation Gadget , used to help find WIFI connections and also useful in detecting wireless CCTV cameras

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TV ATARI Flashback Classic Game Console. Flashback to the '80s! Re live the 1980's video game revolution. Go back in time with a miniature retro-style game console that includes 20 classic ATARI games and two ATARI 7800-inspired joysticks