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FIVE pack of Ye Olde Fortune Telling Fish rememeber these from the old days . Place the little red fish on your hand and whichever way it Curls tells your fortune ... Surprisingly good Funand its a LIE Detector too !

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For the female executive in your life.This elegant writing instrument houses a perfume refill to replenish with the fragrance of your choice. Pull off top reveals the perfume spray.

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Perfect for little pockets, these cardboard binoculars magnify by 2.5x. They fold down flat (protecting the lenses) when not in use, and are then simply popped-up when needed.

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Lost those keys again? Keyfinder keyring with flashing light and beep beep sound which reacts to your whistle. The keyring is activated by high-pitched noises so that it will respond to your whistle by lighting up and bleeping.

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Latest innovation Gadget , used to help find WIFI connections and also useful in detecting wireless CCTV cameras