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YELLOW Laser pointers 1mW

SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - Approx 2-3 weeks delivery :Exclusive YELLOW colour laser , very unusual and Unique. Purchase of this Yellow Laser pointer ensure EXCLUSIVITY

SKU : CNyellow1

PRICE : 275.00 : Was 399.00 : Saving:124.00

SO WHY ?? Is yellow treble the price of a Green Laser

In a 593.5nm yellow DPSS laser (pointer or larger size), there's a BIG infrared laser diode that generates laser light at 808nm, this is fired into a crystal containing the rare-earth element neodymium. This crystal takes the 808nm infrared laser light and lases at 1,064 and 1,342nm (yes, deeper in the infrared!). This laser light comes out of the NdYV04 (neodymium yttrium vanadium oxide) crystal and is then shot into a second crystal (containing potassium, titanium, & phosphorus, usually called KTP) that roughly doubles the frequency to 593.5nm - the bright orangish yellow color you see. This light is then collimated (focused) by a lens and emerges out the laser's business end. Just before the lens, there's a filter that removes any stray IR (infrared) rays from the pump diode and the neodymium crystal. You don't want that stuff in your yellow beam, trust me. :-)

This is why yellow diode lasers are so much more expensive than red ones. Lots of itty bitty parts, and they all need to be very carefully aligned by hand. If the polarisation is off, one or both crystals need to be turned.
With red diode lasers, you just slap in the diode and slap a lens in front of it.

Remember the price brings exclusivity !!

Fully UK legal <1mW these lasers emit a light far Brighter than Red Laser . New to the Market you will be one of the First in the country to own one

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