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Angel Fingers

WAS ?15 .. TO CLEAR ?5 ..Gentle massage tool

SKU : st an 777

PRICE : 5.00 : Was 20.00 : Saving:15.00

Angel Fingers is a wonderful massage tool which nurtures your mind, body and spirit.The seven copper fingers gently stimulate the nerve endings to create a relaxed state and a warm tingling sensation which relaxes muscles and provides localised pain relief. The copper also conducts your body??Ts energy allowing it to be moved and re-distributed, removing any blockages and enhancing body energy balance. This is experienced as waves of euphoria.For healing, relaxation or simply for fun, Angel Fingers is a heavenly companion.This versatile massage tool can be used from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and its slow gentle strokes create remarkable sensations, sending shivers down your spine